About Alessandra

My journey in photography has started around 13 years ago, when after more than 10 years visiting photography exhibitions all over the world and buying photography books everywhere, I decided to start enjoying this art in a more active way. So back then, I bought my first camera, a CANON EOS D550, and I started diving in what very soon became more than a hobby: a passion. I started practicing every day, participating in competitions and traveling all the time with my camera. And soon I realized that photography was opening my eyes and teaching me to see things I could not see before, even if just before my eyes. So in the last 13 years of such an active engagement, I observed how photography has changed and became more and more a form of visual art at the edge with collage, painting or 3D representations. Slowly I was also making up my mind about the type of photography I wanted to pursue.
4 years ago I created by first website PhotoGEN3, to express my need for a positive attitude towards photography. PhotoGEN3 is a photography of 3rd GENeration with a message of positivism, colors and happiness. Back then, I promised myself that I would have used my photography for the wellness of people and the protection of the environment.
Only early this year though, I have created Pink Camera by PhotoGEN3, a more commercial approach to my photography, adding a part that I was not able to include in a regular photography website approach: blogging & tutoring! Pink Camera by PhotoGEN3 shares the same core values as PhotoGEN3 and is a women's perspective on life and photography: I hope to see you there as I have a lot to share with you and all around photography!

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