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Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Hello there and welcome back to my Pink-Camera Photography Blog!

With this "intro blog", this week I am going to launch the "Photography Basics Game", a gaming strategy to learning photography the fun way! Because if you'll join this game, you'll move in a very fast, easy and fun way from studying the basics of photography (20%) to practicing the fun part of it (80%), so that you'll experience a sense of achievement right away.

In fact, as said in one of my previous blogs, for me photography can be a tool to escape negative feelings many people unfortunately have nowadays, such as stress, loneliness, frustration, no purpose, boredom etc.. Photography for me is a way to trigger the opposite state of mind which is positivism, colors, mindfulness, wellness and fun! So what I want with this game is to simplify the understanding of photography putting the study part as second to the more creative and fun phase.

So let's get started.. the GAME is ON, yes because I am going to organize this project like a game, like when I am at the office and my team (which works in Finance) needs to complete successfully the Year End period and I need to motivate them.. So what I do, is I set up a game, with points, lives and levels. And it works! We all get inspired, love gaming and competing as much as helping each other and reaching together the end goal which is where the word GAME OVER brings us to a fantastic end of year dinner which we all really deserved :-)

In order to enter this game, if you are not subscribed yet, you have to go to my homepage and subscribe my mailing list from there, in order to let me know that you would like to join this game: as more is coming soon, I'll keep you updated via my mailing list.

So here we go: after clarifying in this "intro blog" what we will be going to cover in this course, I will be sending you once per month 10 other blogs which will dig deeper into each of the items related to this basic course, for a max of 1/2 hour per blog. I decided to release only 1 blog/ course per month as I assume we are all busy, need to find the right time and weather to put things in practice, sometimes the right mood, and I am against any type of stress as photography should help fighting against it, therefore why even hurrying a bit? The fun is in the process, which should be enjoyed mindfully!

I'll also ensure to upload some slides that you can download into a course, as well as a audio, so that if you are as busy as me and like to learn things while sporting in the gym or walking to the office, you can just use your headsets and go. But I'll release this material at different levels, so that you'll keep on following, playing and learning.. but only at the end you'll have the full course material complete!

Rules of the game (don't worry! They are not so complicated):

1) We will start with the game on the 1st week of September 2019 [week 36 2019, Sept 2nd/ Sept 8th] and will finish 10 months after [week 27 2020, June 29th/ July 5th], this game will not repeat in the future, until expressly communicated, even though the blogs will stay published at Pink-Camera forever (their content will always be valid!). So if you are reading this blog and today is not included in the dates above, feel free to collect the material of the rest of the course surfing in my blog page, however there will not be a bonus or other interaction with me.

2) You will learn 10 basic elements of photography and therefore this game will have 10 levels.

3) At level 4 the free material of level 1 (pdf and audio) will start being released. At level 5 you'll get the material of level 2 etc.. this will allow you to pay attention and take notes before that time, however don't worry as you'll have the blogs to guide you each month and teach you what to do.

4) At level 8 I will disclose the bonus (and how to get it) which you will get at level 9. You'll have all the material of levels 1 to 5 at that point..

5) At level 10 you will get all the last 3 levels course material in one go, so that you will have at that point all the material (emails, audio and pdf's) of this course.

6) I will interact personally with you during these 10 months, I'll reach you via email to deliver the material and the bonus, but I won't spam you, don't worry!

So, if you want to have the basics of photography right and decided to put some fun in this once for all, you are doing the right thing and.. the game starts here!

Here's what I'll be covering in this game in the coming months:

Level 01 = It all starts with knowing your camera

Level 02 = Understand the main lenses you have or you need to have

Level 03 = Master the Exposure Triangle

Level 04 = How to get maximum focus and sharpness

Level 05 = Understanding light and light measurement

Level 06 = Tune into composition and creativity

Level 07 = Get confident with perspective

Level 08 = Don't exaggerate with post-processing

Level 09 = Distinguish the different types of photography

Level 10 = Top photographers and top photography events in the world

Excited to start?? I promise you a fun game, packed of useful information only, so that you can maximize your time and get the best tips and lessons available on the internet all around these topics.

What's next?

In the meantime, get some inspiration of what you can do with photography and have a pick at my pages, WEB SHOP and LIMITED EDITIONS pages, click on each photo and see all the products available to shop, look at their colors, lines, lighting, creativity etc.. we'll talk about all these things in the "Photography Basics Game" starting soon!

In order to enter this game, don't forget to subscribe to my mailing list from my homepage and drop me an email to let me know that you would like to join this game, as more is coming soon and I'll keep you updated via my mailing list.

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