Blending in with nature: when photography meets fashion for environmental support!

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

My mission as a photographer is to bring awareness about environmental and wellness issues in a positive and constructive way (oh yes, let's do something about that!)..

With such a vision one can imagine my happiness when I met fashion consultant Gabriela Constantine last summer and found out her passion for sustainable fashion and the environment in general. Incredible magics happen when like-minded meet and voilá, in about 1/2 hour only we had a whole project designed in our heads with few main milestones to be able to start working on it right away, and that's when it all started..

So in July 2019 BLENDING IN NATURE was born, a collaboration between fashion and photography to support environmental protection. The project is about bringing environmental awareness in a positive and colorful way, depicting the beauty of nature while focusing on messages of active engagement and attention to the topic. In a modern and stylish, almost magazine-like way, the project develops across the 4 seasons and tempers the important message behind each picture with fashion outfits recalling the same colors of the nature around.

Today I am presenting you the SUMMER EDITION of my new series BLENDING IN NATURE. This series has been shoot between August and Sept 2019 in 2 beautiful locations in The Netherlands, such as The Hague forest and the Leiden Hortus Botanicus. Gabriela and I have decided to represent the summer season in very strong "jungle green" colors and nothing was more inspirational than the amazing The Hague forest: once we entered there with all our equipment and a couple of friends to help us, I immediately felt like in a outdoor house, with the huge trees full of foliage creating the roof of our outdoor house and protecting us. We installed for the morning in the forest and after 4 intense hours spent in discussing the concept, entering the role, changing dresses and lenses, we were satisfied with this 1st location and gave each other appointment some weeks after for a new photography shoot in Leiden. I was happy with my telephoto lens which allowed me to make a couple of exposures showing the "grandeur" of nature, and in our photography we played with objects like the mirror below, imagining the whole nature enclosed in this glass box which we want to protect and therefore hold carefully.

The Leiden location was also very attractive with exotic plants which were giving us (and our future viewers) more and more the feeling of how beautiful is a reach healthy nature and how we can immediately feel better inside when getting in touch with it. Very few people were at the Hortus Botanicus in Leiden on the day we decided to shoot and thanks to this the management left us completely alone for the day (thank you guys!). Gabriela brought amazing outfits and her interpretation of the clothes and the environment has been superb! Too easy for a photographer, therefore I really recommend her not only as a fashion stylist and consultant but also as a wonderful model (thank you Gabi for making my work so much easier!).

I loved working with Gabriela in this first photography shoot and enjoyed seeing how she is able to create a great style mixing and matching brands with regular clothes and even using old stuff sometimes, avoiding therefore to buy new each time (correct! Let's stop buying too much and let's instead try to "re-cycle" what we already have in new creative ways). So if you also want to get your own style on a budget and, most of all, using what you already have, just get in touch with Gabriela at I am SO sure she'll help you to create your new amazing look! Gabriela is also showing her style on Instagram and on Facebook of course, and if you want to know what Gabriela thinks of this photography and fashion project, read her blog here.

So at this point today, we are almost finished with shooting the AUTUMN EDITION of this new photography series BLENDING IN NATURE and in my next blog I'll be telling you more about it and about what Gabriela and me have decided to do in order to put a bit more action behind our words, style and photography. Gabriela and I will also have a fantastic exhibition of this series in June 2020 in The Hague, The Netherlands, so if you want to know the date and location as soon as they are confirmed, subscribe to my mailing list now and you'll get among others, not only the official invitation but also my next upcoming blogs around this project! Don't miss the opportunity to actively help the environment and stay updated with this project: sign up for my mailing list now at the top left side of this page (just click on SIGN UP HERE!)and, I promise, there are great things coming your way.

What's next?

If you want to know more on how I support the environment, have a look at my previous blog here and if you want to know more about my positive photography, don't miss to read about it here. If you also need some visual vitamins :-) in your life and want to start your path to a more positive thinking, reward yourself for today's work with a colorful mug or a nice shopping bag (and much more!) in my WEB SHOP here.

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