Blending in with nature: when photography meets fashion for environmental support! (Autumn Edition)

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

As you might have read in a blog I posted a couple of months ago,, last year I started working together with fashion stylish and image consultant Gabriela Constantine, on a project against pollution, waste and environmental hazard. Scope of this project is to use the vehicles we both love, fashion and photography, to bring the viewer into a journey across 4 seasons, where everyone will discover that we all can do something to support the environment and make a difference.. This project perfectly fits my mission as a photographer, which is to promote wellness, mindfulness and positive thinking, as well as to support environmental causes and the attention to nature. Nature is definitely a theme I feel strongly about and I love to work on projects aimed to bring awareness of environmental issues with clients who are “like-minded” and focused on these same topics as much as I am.

So let me introduce you to our Autumn photography shoot of the BLENDING IN NATURE photography series, which happened last October 2019 in the beautiful forest nearby Noordwijk and for the 2nd location, in the nice dunes of the same city. For the Autumn series, I wanted to create again photos full of nature and full of the beautiful autumn colors, such as orange-red, yellow, brown.. When we met with Gabriela the 1st time, she showed up - as always- simply with the perfect clothes and accessories on.. The choice of colors she brought, were literally b-l-e-n-d-i-n-g in the forest and contributed to enhancing my photos, already blessed with a beautiful cold and sunny autumn day. We concentrated so much during the shoot, we were so in sync discussing what we wanted to say in that moment to the viewer, that there were no Sunday visitors of the park around us, no people stopping and staring at what we were doing.. we were just composing our messages!

There was only us and all the vibrant and generous nature around us: for instance, we found a huge tree full of amazing yellow leaves and we took some exposures in that area, also shooting close ups like the one on the side here, where Gabriela is contoured by a fantastic natural yellow frame of leaves.

At the park, we also found a great mix of differently green colored trees, which contrasted with the blue sky and created an amazing ceiling over our heads and for our pictures.

While shooting, I also spotted an accommodating branch of a tree, with a very nice natural shape which seemed to hold Gabriela when she sat on it. I then took a couple of pictures trying to depict the beautiful lines of an old and huge tree, with its visible roots and wooden veins.

Almost for all the pictures in this series I am using my tele photo lens, SIGMA 70-300mm, as it always results to be the most agile camera when you are a “solo” photographer (meaning you can’t afford an assistant to pass you different cameras or lenses each time), and you want to be able to capture a close up as much as a panoramic view.

I blessed the day I read that article with the top 10 things not to forget when you go on a photography shoot as it saved my day that day: the cold weather decreased incredibly fast the capacity of my battery which emptied within a couple of hours only. Thank God I had my 2nd battery with me and we could complete the 1st location shoot within the next hour. We were extremely satisfied with the results and we noticed how happy and energetic we were after such a morning.. This always makes me think about the incredible healing and positive power of art (in its every form) to turn a bad day into a good one, to set the tone for the rest of the day, to help you feel achieved and successful, to give you focus in your mind to think about things you love for a moment etc..

And with this project I feel particularly happy as, in the meantime, we are building a repository of tips on how to reduce pollution and waste, how support environmental causes and projects, how to think eco in your everyday life, embrace sustainable fashion and much more: this time we have a message to tell our viewers and it’s all about nature!

After the 1st day, we met again with Gabriela for a shoot in a second location, in the dunes, and the result was so different and again so beautiful. Another chilly but really sunny autumn day at the beach and in the dunes, feeling the cold breeze and appreciating being outside instead of inside an office, getting creative with our work and then pausing for a hot coffee to warm up again before starting. The thing I love about photography is that it’s often an outside activity bringing me out of a building and more in touch with nature. The oxygen refreshes my mind and I get very creative every time I am outside! So again, while compiling our new list of messages for our future viewers, interpreting such messages and wondering around the dunes, we have come to another couple of great shoots which completed the series of 10 exposures I wanted to have for the autumn season and actually for each of the 4 seasons of this series. I was satisfied with my work, as I felt I managed to depict the beauty of nature while creating messages of attention to the topic or calls for active engagement. My pictures came up modern and stylish, almost magazine-like.. and I hope they’ll end up in magazines as well, to help us spread our message.

I loved working with Gabriela again in this second season of the series. I truly believe I can only work with clients who are like me and share my same vision of respect for the environment and positive approach to better consumption patterns, recycling programs and waste reduction initiatives. Gabriela is strong in her message about eco fashion and she can become your perfect image consultant while keeping a close eye on sustainable brands. When working on someone’s image, Gabriela also leverages the mix ‘n match concept which reduces purchases while focusing on higher quality. You can have a look at her style on Instagram and on Facebook .

So at this point we are in February and between this and next month we’ll finalize the WINTER EDITION which is giving us quite some difficulties due to climate change (!) and the difficulty of finding snow here in The Netherlands in these days, if not wanting to travel a whole weekend to reach higher mountains (which we might eventually do at the end). The WINTER EDITION will be all about icy white and blue colors and messages about climate change and water protection! In the meantime, we booked a venu for the BLENDING IN NATURE exhibition and we are really excited to announce about this: so #savethedate and come to visit us on Saturday June 13th 2020 in The Hague city center (The Netherlands) at our #openday to discover how #fashion (@gabriela.constantine) meets #photography (@photogenthree) to support nature’s protection (and we’ll show actively you how!).

What's next?

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By the way, if you would like to know how I try to support good causes and projects, I thought these might interest you as well:

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