Creating a mood board to stay focused and inspired!

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

"Begin with the end in mind" says Stephen Covey, author of the famous business book "The 7 habits of highly effective people". Apart from of course strongly re-commending reading this book, I also really believe this is indeed one of the base principles of success.

So while I struggle with my time every single day, in order to cover for both my busy full time job and for my activities around photography (shootings, collaborations, working on upcoming exhibitions, e-Books, Blogs, etc..), I recently decided to put up a "Mood Board" in order to both stay focused and, even better, to picture mentally, every single day when I wake up, where I want to go, eventually, at the end of my path.

And there is a big path for me if I want to move from A) to B).

A) is today, with my highly paying job which allows me to do many things vital for me at this point in life. A) is also what I worked for and invested in during my whole life, in order to get where I am today. So A) is not the usual story of "hating my 9 to 5 job and wanting to do something different", or "not being the one able to sit behind a desk all the time" etc.. A) for me is a story of current success from which I want to move on, to hopefully reach another level of success (lower or higher doesn't really matter).

B) is tomorrow, or better in 5 years, where I see myself doing only things I really like, finally applying everything I learnt while working successfully in many different industries (from Telecom to Insurance, from Manufacturing to Law Enforcement etc..) to my own business, organizing my own time and having the freedom of working any time I want, for how long I want and from anywhere I want, therefore traveling and leveraging this for even more inspiration and photography.

An ambitious plan I would say.

So in order to do this, I need to live and feel the "future me" every single day. I just hope I will be able to manage the transition.. I need to embrace my overall plan and see the end target, "The True North" as they call it in recent years many american corporations. I need to then break down this long path which will get me eventually "there", into smaller, more manageable bits, and make a plan, clearly looking into every little bit of this path and see how to develop it in a sustainable way (very small steps ahead but without stopping, instead of trying to do big steps quickly, just to end up getting de-motivated and quitting too quickly).

Enough said about my Mood Board! Here you can see how it is at this moment (it's a living board, every time I find new inspiring pictures, messages, cards, colors etc.. I change one of its elements) and most of all, where I positioned it, after negotiations with my husband ;-), so that I can look at it immediately when I wake up, and tune and re-program again my brain towards it. I started using it recently, it works, on one part I hung the list of small achievements for the week, which I change weekly, and on other parts I cut out of newspapers, magazines, internet etc.. pictures which represent me one day, my camera and lenses, the types of photos I will be doing etc..

This Mood Board inspires me, keeps me focused, pushes me to try to add pictures of me while shooting and working on different photography projects, makes me happy as it is so colorful and positively oriented, makes me want to see it become bigger and grow its content. Ultimately, it drives my actions every day, towards that final goal, where I can see myself clearly living a new life as an expert photographer, traveling, collaborating and creating great art for my clients and the ones who wants to work with me!

And now it's up to you, I hope you will try this and it will work for you as well, whatever your dream is and business should be!

What's next?

So if you also want to start building your mood board and get inspired in the morning, check out my WEB SHOP or LIMITED EDITIONS pages as you can order postcard sizes of my pictures. They'll give you the right "kick" of positivism, mindfulness, wellness and much more.. And if you need additional focus in your life as a photographer, follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my mailing list as I have plenty of news and information to tell you.

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