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This semester my gallery shows a very nice photography series which I have called "FRUIT CONTRAST". This series is all about the use of contrast and composition, and, of course, my preferred themes of fruit, colors, vitamins, energy, positivism!

It's in the gray winter days that I am aware how blessed I am to love to play with photography. The limit is the sky and trust me: you don't need expensive equipment to start having fun. You need curiosity, passion, time (!), will to fantasize and will to create. So I decided to go to the supermarket and try to find the best fruit and vegetables I could (getting ideas as well about my upcoming dinner and lunch(es) to re-cycle the "material")..

For studio photography like in this case, I always have some "tools" which cannot be missing:

1) A reflective disk of medium size to enhance light and direct it where I want to

2) A lamp (yes a simple one, like a generic desk one, a led lamp is also very good. If you also have a light box, you can do more as you can cross the 2 light beams and get more depth and dimension in the picture if you want.

3) Colored cartoon boards, size A3 in this case

4) My Canon 80D, but an entry camera like a Canon 550D is also very good, you just need to know the right settings to be using.

5) I even used a kit lens here: my passion is to get the best from what I have, so not buy the next lens just because it's better but just become better, practicing hours if needed, and get where I want to, wherever that is (the final outcome/ result is always very personal, just stop when you are satisfied!). What I love when I work with colors is work with contrasts and lines. I also love minimalism, therefore I decided not to add to much here.

"FRUIT CONTRAST" is a colorful series made with veggies and fruit, where I tried to combine natural colors with a studio background as well as minimalism with lines and composition. Where possible, I have used just the rule of thirds, trying therefore to have the main fruit on the right or left intersection of the imaginary grid which divides the photography surface in thirds. The simple lines of the fruit or vegetables and the extreme eye catching contrast of colors used, does the rest to these beautiful photos which really don't need more. Check in my COLLABORATIONS blog category within a couple of weeks as I am going to write about where this series is currently exposing in the city of The Hague and why it was chosen.

This series results very well on mugs, t-shirts and other merchandising, so have a look at the possibilities below here and check my WEB SHOP page for more ideas, prices and all the different possible options. My WEB SHOP page is the page where my photos will be printed not only in beautiful photography paper but it will also be possible to order colorful mugs, t-shirts and other merchandise with the same fun and catchy subjects.

From an interior decor point of view, I see this series fitting very well:

  • a smoothies bar or a lunch room- to transmit the feeling of freshness and energy,

  • a fitness place - to mix the idea of fitness with colors, fun and healthy food,

  • a diet clinic - to be innovative and stylish,

  • a children's bedroom - to have them grow surrounded by colors and happy images,

  • the canteen at your office place - to make the lunch break a happier experience and offer a total brain relaxation to your employees, while staying aligned to concepts like mindful eating and positive thinking.

Before leaving each other ...

Did you look at my WEB SHOP already? If not yet, enter it here but please note that not all my pictures are set up for merchandising! Indeed my best selections can only be printed on photo paper, canvas and metal and are in limited editions (max 10 copies allowed). Did you visit my LIMITED EDITIONS page? If not, you can reach it here. And if you buy a picture, please don't forget to let me know at where did you locate it in your house/ office/ space as I am really curious to know :-)

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