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In the CHECK MY GALLERY blog category I have decided to present you more in depth the series showing in the Home Page of Pink Camera_by PhotoGEN3 which are for sale each semester. So every 6 months I will be updating my gallery and presenting you a new portfolio made of 3 series each time: one series will be focused on expressing and using colors, one will be pretty much a classic series, like travelling or garden photography .. and one will be more innovative, so that both you and I won't get bored. So again, every semester, 3 new photography series, their "making of" and how I came up with the idea, so that you'll know a bit more about a photo should you chose to order it, which by the way, is possible when clicking on the WEB SHOP here or on the LIMITED EDITIONS page here.

So let's start the first blog of this category this year with my first 3 series presentation. This semester you will see in the home page:

  1. Fruit Contrast

  2. Greece Street Photography

  3. Stretched reality

Fruit Contrast is a colorful series made with veggies and fruit, where I tried to combine natural colors with a studio background as well as minimalism with lines and composition.

Greece Street Photography is a more classic travel series with my best pictures from my trip to Greece few years ago, so a lot of colors and sun and landscape photography here and quite an, I would say, unusual kind of street photography, and.. last but not least,,

Stretched reality is the third series this semester, a bit innovative, where photography almost blends with painting. So not as easy one to create as it might look like and at the hedge of "like it or hate it".

But of course I hope you'll LOVE and not hate all these series and you'll order a picture (why a full series? You'll have 40% discount!), and please don't forget that all my series are printed in max 5 copies, whichever the size and paper used, and each photo will be numbered and signed by me personally.

So here are a few more words about each series, how I came up with their ideas and how I shot them, especially for the more innovative ones: have fun and shop online at the WEB SHOP here and at the LIMITED EDITIONS here!


It's in those gray winter days outside that I am aware how blessed I am to love to play with photography. The limit is the sky and trust me: you don't need expensive equipment to start having fun. You need curiosity, passion, time (!), will to fantasize and will to create. So I decided to go to the supermarket and try to find the best fruit and vegetables I could (getting ideas as well about my upcoming dinner and lunch(es) to re-cycle the "material").. For studio photography like in this case, I always have some "tools" which cannot be missing:

1) A reflective disk of medium size to enhance light and direct it where I want to

2) A lamp (yes a simple one, like a generic desk one, a led lamp is also very good. If you also have a light box, you can do more as you can cross the 2 light beams and get more depth and dimension in the picture if you want.

3) Colored cartoon boards, size A3 in this case

4) My Canon 80D, but an entry camera like a Canon 550D is also very good, you just need to know the settings to use.

5) I even used a kit lens here: my passion is to get the best from what I have, so not buy the next lens just because it's better but just become better, practicing hours if needed, and get where I want to, wherever that is (the final outcome/ result is always very personal, just stop when you are satisfied!).

What I love when I work with colors is work with contrasts and lines. I also love minimalism, therefore I decided not to add to much here.

Interior Decor

I see this series fitting very well:

  • a smoothies bar - to transmit the feeling of freshness and energy,

  • a fitness place - to mix the idea of fitness with colors, fun and healthy food,

  • a diet clinic - to be innovative and stylish,

  • a children's bedroom - to have them grow surrounded by colors and happy images,

  • the canteen at your office place - to make the lunch break a happier experience and offer a total brain relaxation to your employees, while staying aligned to concepts like mindful eating and positive thinking.

If you like this series, you can shop it in my online WEB SHOP here!


Just like most of us, I really L-O-V-E travelling and being able to contemplate the beauty nature offers us in different parts of the world. Travelling opens our minds, brings us in touch with new cultures and new ideas and helps us to put things in perspective.

When traveling to Greece in 2015, the only thing I could do with my camera was shooting pictures, beauty was everywhere, I couldn't believe my eyes and I could not be selective, I had to capture everything! Nature is beautiful and cities are amazing: small, clean, composed to embrace the beauty which surrounds them and enhance it.. I was walking in Paros and couldn't believe my eyes how a restaurant (not even a personal house) managed to create a balcony on the sea so amazingly beautiful and well composed that a dinner there would have been clearly about the view first of all and the food afterwards (which is also amazing in Greece by the way, but as a photographer I should focus on pictures and not eating!). So I hope that in this series I managed to reproduce the views I saw, the colors which have filled by soul at that moment and the beauty these islands can offer. I consider this series like city photography, although this is typically less colorful and maybe expressing more messages related to how difficult can be life in the "city jungles" or expressing concepts like social behaviors and social awareness. Nope, this is all "just" about beauty and happiness, and makes me realize how important is the environment we leave in and how important is to try to make our houses nice, internally if externally is not possible, in order to influence positively our daily mood and fight depression. So I would really recommend to make your interior beautiful and reward yourself with a nice new window in your house, a window overlooking heaven..

Interior Decor

I see this series fitting very well:

  • a wall of your bedroom, so that you can wake up in the morning to a more positive feeling and happy thinking which can help you start the day,

  • a fitness place - to mix the idea of fitness with travels, summer and fun,

  • a hospital corridor - to be innovative and stylish and keep positive vibes,

  • a Travel Agency - why not changing your photos every 6 months and innovate your customer experience every time?

  • a Greek restaurant - nothing to add here ;-)

  • a shop - to provide relaxing images which can inspire good mood and shopping vibes to your clients.

  • a wall of your living room - using photographs like windows to the world, so that you can always look outside and smile, even when it rains,

  • a SPA - to give a 100% wellness customer experience.

So if you like this series, you can shop it online at the WEB SHOP here and at the LIMITED EDITIONS here!


This is the third and last series this semester, where I try to think out of the box and innovate in photography. Innovation is experimentation and does not always mean that the final result is what everyone expects. Time will tell if the idea is original enough to be wanted and balanced enough to be accepted. But an artist, if photographer or painter or musician etc.. does not have to think about acceptance or rejection, an artist has to express something and send a message. While I know that this series is a "take it or leave it" series that not everyone will like, I actually really love it and really enjoyed the process of creating it. I love the fact that I am doing photography but the final result could be very well resembling a modern painting, I like the idea of stretching reality as it is really like trying to innovate what we do/ have/ see every day, pulling it here and there up to the point of creating something new but now breaking it.

The technique is not so easy and there is 1 core point, I learnt it by doing it.. This technique is like the panning technique which is used in photography when you want to freeze an object moving and get it sharp even if moves, with the background blurred. So, you have an object moving in front of you and you set up your shutter speed approximately at the same speed you think the object goes. Then, what you do is you shut the picture at that selected shutter speed and with your camera and lens you slowly follow the object (usually a car or a bicycle) passing in front of you. The final result is that the main "object" should be super sharp with its background blurred.

Now, having said that, what I did here is mounting my camera on a tripod and setting my shutter speed at around 1 second, starting a tiny bit higher than the main horizon, pushing the shatter speed before starting to move (this is the trick guys, really!) and then once the shutter started, I move down slowly and this create lines which follow the main ones. Of course here the trick is to find the right balance between giving your picture a new tweak and still be able to recognize the main objects/ panorama/ shapes, so that your eyes and mind don't get disturbed by the stretching process but intrigued. This is why I love this series and I want to enhance this balance via applying this technique to very known objects or buildings or landscapes, so that that will help the eyes a bit as well. So I hope I managed to get this result here and you will like it instead of hate it ;-)

Interior Decor

I see this series fitting very well:

  • a Travel Agency's office - the very well known places of this series will transmit a sense of innovation to your clients when entering the premises,

  • An office - because the photos will give a touch of color and a stylish look to your environments without disturbing as people will not have time to concentrate on them too much anyway.

  • Your house's walls - for the ambitious ones, maybe you leave nearby one of these well known places and you would like their representation in a more modern-painting look.

So if you really love this series, you shop it online at the LIMITED EDITIONS here!

Before leaving each other ...

Did you look at my WEB SHOP already? If not yet, enter it here but please note that not all my pictures are set up for merchandising! Indeed my best selections can only be printed on photo paper, canvas and metal and are in limited editions (max 10 copies allowed). Did you visit my LIMITED EDITIONS page? If not, you can reach it here. If you buy a picture, please don't forget to let me know at photogenthree@gmail.com where did you locate it in your house/ office/ space as I am really curious to know :-)

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