How I try to support good causes with my photography

I always wondered how my photography could help to support our Planet, shape a message around mindfulness and awareness about the ecosystem surrounding us, trigger people to put in place positive actions focused on sustainability and environmental protection and, last but not least, possibly attract the attention of the ones not engaged in these topics yet.

This is part of my mission as a photographer.

While documenting the beauty of nature, I do not reject but consciously decide not to focus on the (unfortunately too many) disasters happening (too often) in this world (Fukushima, Oil tanks disasters, burning forests etc.. ). This is simply because, as I said in one of my previous blogs, I truly and literally N-E-E-D a positive mind attitude to everyday's life. So while being aware of the environmental issues of this millennium, I decide to fight against them and support and join projects around the world protecting nature, the seas, the skies and supporting animals preservation.

As I thought this could inspire you as well, as a photographer or an engaged reader, here there are the different ways I try to help Mother Nature and do my best as a photography for a greener future!

1) THE MESSAGE: A strong message has much more impact if brought visually to the viewer: it will also stay in the mind much longer. Organizations and individuals cannot avoid the power of images today. While images of disasters shock the viewer and I am sure help to fix memories and bring awareness and concern, I choose to produce beautiful images of nature, sea, panoramas and clean skies, trying instead to make my viewer become more mindful and positive about the amazing nature around us, therefore bringing

attention to how we should feel blessed about this every day and possibly do something about this.

2) THE VIBES: I trust a beautiful picture can change the mood in your own office environment, in your house or in a sport school, set the tone of the coffee corner discussions on a rainy day and increase productivity and engagement at the office, as well as help preserve the wellness of family members and coworkers. The way the indoor environment is set up in your house or office gives a whole vibe when entering it and it says a lot about the organization itself and the lifestyle you have chosen to live for yourself and your loved ones. Nowadays organizations cannot avoid having areas displaying beautiful art, green corners and wellness environments (silent rooms, etc.), Yoga and Sport schools cannot disregard the power of colors, music and positivism in their training areas, therefore my photography will always support these organizations protecting their employees, those busy with helping others to recover from depression or anxiety and anyone who is up for a change in his/her house's interior decor. If you haven't done it yet, read my blog called "A photo is a window in your house".

3) THE COLLABORATIONS: as I said in one of my previous blogs, I love collaborating with like-minded, meaning with people who, just like me, want to improve well being, protect the environment and trust in the message and influence images and photography can have today. So if you are that

person, I will be happy to collaborate as I am sure that together we can achieve more and together we can make a step further much quicker. So yes! If you are one of these game changers like the 2 ladies below, get in touch, the contact form is one click away, at the bottom of my home page and let's collaborate! I know I can create beautiful images to help you promote your business and your message, and help you position yourself as an environmentally and wellness conscious professional or organization in your area of business.


Yes, I also regularly buy from those organization that are actively trying to save the environment and devote part of their earnings to good causes, and I am more than happy to invest some money in them or work as Ambassador for them. So if you are one of those and you believe in joint ventures and synergies, get in touch via the form at the bottom of this page and let's create something new together as I might be at the other side of your world where your product might not be know yet!

This maybe has not much to do with photography (yet..), however I wanted to mention this as this is my integrity, part of my mission, who I am and how I decided to live my life.

Check these companies below:

The Great North produces nice jumpers and T-shirts (always useful) and they devote a small % of their sales to protect the Polar Bears and other animals =>

4Ocean sells colorful and lovely bracelets made recycling the plastic collected from the sea. They have been growing like crazy in the last years, are hiring people to work for them and buying an army of boats to surf the seas and collect tons and tons of garbage.

But my latest purchase is from Sustainstraw: this company sells, among other products, portable metal straws to fight against the 1-time use of plastic straws which seem to be one of the main causes of plastic pollution in the seas.. Have a look at my order :-) I have bought around 10 straws and I am planning to give them as birthday gifts or little presents to my friends, to bring a message along with my little box.


I decided to merchandise part of my photography art and projects, in order to help finance the shopping above :-) as well as to bring my message along and hopefully spread it with my projects. So please, don’t use disposable plastic and help to fight the battle against plastic pollution: use your shopping bags for many years! You can get these colorful and resistant synthetic durable fiber shopping bag for your grocery, soft to the touch and finished with a resistant black handle. Have a look at my WEB SHOP and start getting in action!

Before leaving each other ...

Please note that not all my pictures are set up for merchandising! My best selection series can only be printed on photo paper, canvas and metal and they are limited editions (max 10 copies allowed). While you can find the bags above in my WEB SHOP here, please visit my LIMITED EDITION page here for see the full portfolio of works I am presenting so far. And if you buy a picture, please don't forget to let me know at where did you locate it in your house/ office/ space as I am really curious to know :-) ... And now think about what you can do to help the environment ;-) ..

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