The amazing power of colors in art & photography

As photographers, we all know that colors are important in our art: colors allow us to express emotions, feel sensations, define situational moments and ultimately strike our memory and help us remember. Personally, I also love black & white photography of course, and I truly admire those photographers able to give so much power and dimension to their photos, at the point that sensations and thoughts end up coming up naturally when looking at their pictures and independently from the actual absence of color. While this type of photography is great and we could even argue that has pushed photographers to work better with composition and situations than the color itself, I really love colors and I love playing with them, matching tones, objects and situations in both classical and more innovative ways. And I especially like leveraging contrast, so, for instance, playing with simple compositions very reach in colors..

But what I want to tell you about today is the way photography has helped me (and is helping me every day!) to live a brighter, happier, more mindful and purposed life, hoping that my story can inspire you if you are in the same situation I was some years ago.

It's indeed around 10 years ago that my work became very pressing, its mission "mentally heavy" and its demand in terms of time and energy rocketed sky high. This, together with a parallel step up in career, some personal difficulties in my family and a massive amount of negative information thrown at us each day from the TV (natural disasters, wars, terrorist events etc..) made it feel all too much for me. So it's at that point that I felt the need, I mean literally, THE N-E-E-D of colors, creativity, mindfulness, positivism, higher purpose and nature! I am happy I was able to realized at that moment that I needed:

  • colors and positivism - to fight against the darkness of war in other Countries, of terrorism images across Europe, also reported in many photography expositions I was attending, which starting becoming more depressing than inspiring to me,

  • creativity - to escape my day-to-day finance job where everything should better "square" (!) than be creative,

  • to re-connect with nature - to fight the too long and too many hours spent inside the office. Today we are all constantly distracted by technology and less connected with Mother Earth, always living the present while planning the future.. and we unconsciously and slowly disconnect from nature, life and our community,

  • to be more mindfully aware of the world around me, terrible but also so beautiful, and of time passing by so fast, not knowing anymore where did my last 20 years go, so quickly, all of a sudden,

  • to have a purpose, higher than profit and margins, to help nature, to support and collaborate with like-minded, to create a network of new sustainable, creative and innovative opportunities.

So one day, as said, around 10 years ago, in front of a beautiful huge photo at PARIS PHOTO, I told myself: "I can do this, I truly believe I can do this, too many years watching photography and collecting information.. years travelling to attend photography exhibition.. I can do this now, I really can.. I am ready to create photographs myself, and I need it!".

As so it all started.. and yes, I did it!

I can't stop watching this simple pictures and thinking that it's just so beautiful and yet so minimalist. It was so much fun to shoot low and feel just like one of all the many tulips around me!!

For sure the digital technology which started around 20 years ago has helped a lot to get started with my photography right away without any big financial investment, without too many difficulties or need of expensive and complicated gear, without having to buy complex developing liquids or films.. so I just I started and became addicted right away. My camera was since then (and is today) always with me: I document my life, see things I could not see before (yet existing around me since always!), I express that creativity I was born with but could never express, I am so mindfully present in my last 10 years (!) I can tell you now about every single minute that happened since then. And I walk, I get outside, I feel the breeze now and I try to photograph it ..

Despite the fact that I know the proper balance between the subject/ the composition/ the objects in a photo and the colors chosen has a very strong importance in photography, and that in a classical interpretation of colors, a photograph should have a dominant color with others only supporting the main one, I also believe that the most powerful force of colors is their emotional impact. So if you want to have a successful photo, you know you want to ensure that your viewer will walk away from your picture with a strong emotional experience: because of this and because emotions are different from person to person, I believe is wrong to work with classical rules and try to match the "common sense". Red color is usually linked to passion, however it could also evoke anger: because of this, matching colors with the appropriate objects and situations might help to influence better the viewer towards a common understanding of the message in the photo. So it's by creating a contrasting match of colors with "opposite objects" (for instance, a white rose on a red background) that we can create the photograph which could become the winning shot.

So in my photography I have decided to play with colors, and I try to fill my day and my environment with colors! This makes me happy and positive. And this is also why I have accepted to merchandise my COLOR CONTRAST photography series (I present a different colorful series every 6 months in my website at Pink Camera), in the hope that, in an easy and "on budget" way, more colors will enter everyone houses and lives in the future (you can access my WEB SHOP here , click on your preferred colorful photo and all the merchandise available will appear on the right side of your screen).

Today, I have chosen to create a world of positivism and colors as I want to inspire, energize, communicate positive messages and trigger positive actions. I want to help people to be more present and focused, more on the positive side of what happens around us. My mission is to bring mindfulness in everyday life and share the healing power that art and photography can have, against depression, anxiety and emptiness. Today, I have chose to collaborate only with like minded: my clients are only innovators, people and organizations investing in new ways of doing things, in creating energy and synergies, focusing on protecting the environment, improving wellness and offering a sustainable and positive service to their communities. With my images I truly believe I can support this change and join this amazing movement of people who trusts in a more connected and mindful world, and, most of all, who trusts in the amazing healing power that art and photography can have against the too many and often too heavy "millennium challenges" we all face today.

What's next?

So if you also need some visual vitamins :-) in your life, follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my mailing list from my homepage as more is coming soon. Stay tuned! You can start your path to a more positive thinking with a first easy step, rewarding yourself for today's work with a colorful mug or a nice shopping bag (or much more!) in my WEB SHOP here.

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