Windows with a view: photography and interior design

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

I truly believe photography can enhance your living, starting from the climate and decor you decide to have in your house, up to ending with the type of pictures or art you decide to have around you in your life (nature photos, colorful photos, sea side photos etc.. vs industrial photos, architectural photos, black & white photos etc..). The right choice of photos in your house (like with art or paintings), sets the mood you want to have when you come back home to your own and preferred environment, after a busy day at the office.

I truly believe we have to give good thinking to the choice of images and colors we want to put around us, in our office environment but most of all in our houses, as a (big) photo can be seen like a real window on a wall.

My husband and me we have a huge photo of New York in our living room and every time I look at it, I can truly feel like I am in mt hotel room in New York, just looking outside the window and staring at the beautiful Empire State building.

I love the vibe of big cities, therefore in this moment our house has 2 windows, one over New York and one over Shanghai, where I was years ago together with my husband.

I have always been attracted by big photos as once you are in front of them you can feel part of the pictures itself. Big photos can make you busy for minutes, looking at the very little details and all that happens here and there.. Photos can be as windows for our houses, therefore it is important we set the tone and decide carefully the panorama we want to see when we look out of our windows.

While my husband and I want to complement soon our "cities collection" with Venice and Paris (and Rome and London and....), I am also convinced that because a photo can influence one's mood (especially if you look at them every day) certain areas of your house should have a different setting.. although this is very personal of course.. So, for instance, the type of pictures I have in my leaving room are for me very different from what I like to have in my bedroom: while when I enter my house I want to be inspired by the photos I see around me in my living room and library, when I wake up in the morning I like to see nature around me, and wake up slowly to the good mood nature gives me when I look at it or when I am surrounded by it.

So for instance, years ago I went on travel to Costa Rica and had the chance to do some tracking in these amazing rain or cloud forests. I was so impressed by the size and beauty of these forests and since then I always wanted to print one of my pictures in big size and put it in my bedroom. In this way, every time I would wake up I would feel exactly the way I felt during such tracking, or the way I felt one day always in Costa Rica when we rented a glass walls house for a couple of nights and when my husband opened the curtains on the first morning, we found ourselves exactly in the middle of the rain forest! Wow! Amazing memory which I immediately tried to re-produce photographing the many forests in Costa Rica in order to print later on a beautiful aluminium or glass photo, most likely 150cm x 105cm.

This is exactly what I was having in front of my eyes when walking in the beautiful rain forests of Costa Rica

What's next?

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